I recently started a new job and eveyone seems very religous. While discussing with a co-worker that i recently quit smoking she said "i bet your family and god are smiling down on you for that". i just smiled and continued my lunch. Should i have said different?

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no not at all there is no reason to assert your beliefs in such a manner, it is similar to doing so when someone says god bless you when you sneeze. save the assertion for conversations, arguments, or debates that relate to so rather than trying to shoot down such small comments.

If someone is going to assume your religious beliefs, the least I would do is tell them they're wrong. Say "I'm atheist." There's no shame in it. If you were to do the same presumptuous thing to her and assume she was atheist by saying something like "Wait, you believe in God?" what do you think she would say? She'd probably get all prideful about her religion and state it matter-of-factly. Why should we play by different rules?


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