There hasn't been a lot of activity in this group. :(

I'm looking for other atheists in the aforementioned area.  It would be nice to start a weekly or monthly discussion group.  Everyone in my family is some form of deist.  I love them but constant digs and sneak attacks get old.

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I am originally from Manistee, now living in GR. But I do know a friend who is atheist and lives in Manistee. I could ask her if she's interested, but she's a bit of a closet atheist, who has admired me for my courage in 'coming out'.
Of course, I can't physically regularly show up to meetings, but I'll happily join in any questions/discussions. Its only a 2 hour difference. :)
*Online questions/discussions! Lol

I work at the bookstore in Cadillac.  A couple of weeks ago a guy from Manistee came in.  He was looking for some atheist books so I gave him a discount on them.  I hope I didn't scare him. I was so excited, no one ever asks about books on atheism.  Are there a lot of atheists in Manistee?

This group has been kind of dead.  It would be nice to get a conversation going.

P.S. Working in a bookstore is great, but my co-worker keeps turning the radio to a Christian station. :p  I change it as soon as she leaves.




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