Just looking to see if there is anybody on here from the Ludington area maybe to form a meetup group. I'm new to this area and just trying to seek like minded people.

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Err...I'm in the tip of the mitt.  I wish you luck!

We have an organization called Grand Traverse Humanists.  We have a pretty good turn out.  Up to about 38 members!  You can check us out at gthumanists.org

I'm here. If you can find anyone else in this Republican stronghold I'd be surprised.

Didn't realize you were talking to me. I've been in Ludington since 91. I'm thinking I'll get out soon just because to the lack of interesting social activity.
I visit Ludington in the summer, but that's about it. Gorgeous area. Good luck finding like-minded people to hang out with. I'm from the Grand Rapids area.


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