I posted a video of the demonic candy news.
This was a comment from a reader of my blog.

It's amazing how these people are so into magickal thinking like this.

Last night one woman giving out candy was trying to rope kids into listening to her while she preached at them. And she told them that by accepting candy they were agreeing to accept Jesus as their savior. WTF? Is their salvation now a contract clause as well?

I then asked him if it was in his neighborhood.

It was the neighborhood across the street from ours. And, yeah, she did. But Christene and aren't raising the kids to be confrontational in situations like that. Being in the south, they're going to have to deal with a lot of people who act that way and who may be in a position of authority (like a boss, teacher, whatever). So we just tell them to say "uh huh, that's nice" and then walk away.

I stood off to the side while the woman was going through her spiel and was just stunned at gall, to do that in front of their parents (Christene and I were both there). A guy at the state fair last week did the same thing: he swooped over as we walked buy, handed Ben a new testament and then try to proselytize him as we were walking. I walked over, removed the guy's arm (he had it around Ben's shoulder as he talked), handed him back to the bible and said, "Thank you, but we have one. You should give it to someone who needs them". Then I smiled and walked off saying, "Have a nice day."

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I'm not so sure I would of been so nice to this woman.
two months of hell

Oooo scary, on so many levels.
Yeah, they were definitely kidding....but not.


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