Suman Patra is a student of class seven in Panchal Uchcha Madhyamic (Higher Secondary) School. This school is situated in Bankura district in West Bengal. As a good student never he asked to guardian for any complain. But problem rose when Saraswati Puja has come in this year. School decided a subscription of some Rupees for each student conducting the Puja. Other student deposited their subscription but Suman did not. Sri Debasish Patra, a rational minded man, who is the father of this son was not agree to deposit any subscription and he gave a letter to the head master of the School informing his decision. It was 29 th January 2009. Saraswati Puja was on 31 st January. Then the matter has shelved for three month. After a long period, on 25 th April, 2009 head master sent a letter to Debasish Patra requesting for subscription. Also he mentioned in this letter that it is issued after the meeting of school managing committee . Sri Patra answered on 27 April by a letter and clarified his reasons why he is not agree to give any subscription. After a few days when the annual result was about to published the head master played his game and is was not ready to hand-over the mark sheet of this student to his parents. On the other hand he published a list of the passed students but there was no name of this student in it. At last when a pressure was given by the others to the head master he agreed to hand over the mark sheet.
We, the ‘Science and Rationalist’s Association of India’ is protesting and crying shame on this incident. As India is a secular country so any body has a right to act any religious thinking. And also, if he is an atheist, he is always welcome in Indian constitution.
The constitution of our country says, neither we conduct Saraswati Puja in an govt institution, Kali Puja in a police station, Viswakarma Puja in govt offices nor any national assets can be used for religious festival purpose. So, why this incident occurs repeatedly?
Our organization is fighting against superstitions and blind religious faith since last 25 years. We spread our helping hand to this boy and his father. And also we claim punishment from our govt for those guilty school management committees who are busy to collect subscription for religious festivals by hook or crook.
Please proceed with us to over come this unequal battle.


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