I've created a "secret" facebook group exclusively for atheists currently living in Mississippi and I'd like for those of you who fit that criteria to join.  The group is secret, meaning it can ONLY be seen by the members who are already in it.  No one can search for it or see it on your fb page, and only the members can see the other members.  I set it up this way to protect the privacy and confidentiality of fellow Mississippi atheists who are closeted, or just don't want certain people in their fb circles knowing.  To date, we have 85 members-- all atheists who live in the state, and we're working hard to reach 100 by summer.  Our members are largely concentrated on the coast, and in the Jackson, Hattiesburg, and Oxford areas, with a few sprinkled in between. Our main goal is to let closeted atheists know that Mississippi Has Atheists, and that they aren't alone. 


For some, the group has been our only means of connecting with Mississippians who know what it's like to live here as atheists, and I dare say it's been therapeutic for many of us to have a place to release and vent without consequence. We have serious discussions there; we support each other through challenges related to our non-belief; we laugh about things; and we even engage agnostics who are interested in learning how we came to atheism so that they may decide on a definitive stand.  I am extremely eager to establish an official organization to unite MS atheists, and this group is slowly becoming an excellent means of bringing us together in a forum where we can talk freely about our views without having to defend them, and about the advocacy needs for atheists in arguably THE most fundamentalist part of the Bible Belt.


So, if this sounds like a group you'd like to be a part of, or if you just wanna connect with more atheists in the State, please send a friend request to Mississippi Has Atheists. We'd love to have you and we especially welcome women and people of various races, cultures, sexualities, lifestyles-- you name it!  All we ask is that you are definitely an atheist (or agnostic) who is definitely living in Mississippi... no exceptions!


Can't wait to see you there!

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