Does anyone plan on going to the RNC as part of a group or know anyone that is (protest or casual people watching)?

I'm looking for a group to mingle with for a day or two for a podcast series. I'm hoping to get various peoples of different backgrounds opinions on the state of things, why they're there, the coming election, religion, ethics in the US, etc etc etc...

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Quite honestly I plan to steer clear. No protests, none of that. I am sure that the protests will be ignored by the media. Do you know of any atheist Republicans who would like to come on the radio show and talk about the takeover of the party by the Christians? We would have to avoid anyone running for office, of course, but perhaps an activist or someone with some drawing power would be an interesting show.
This is exactly the kind of person I'm hoping to run into myself. If I do meet anyone that fits I'll mention the radio show. It would certainly be an interesting viewpoint.




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