I actually live abroad right now, but the way it works for us expats is that we vote according to our last U.S. address. I was in Minnesota for 11 years before I moved, so that means I'm still a Minnesota voter, even though I haven't been there in over a year.

I just got my absentee ballot for the U.S. Senate primary, and I realized how ignorant I am about the state of things since I left. I'm not finding a lot of useful info via Google. Some of the candidates don't even have their own websites, and those that do have depressingly little useful information. (You know, like "I want to improve stuff" without any details….)

I'm hoping that you guys are an intelligent and well-informed bunch and maybe you can tell me some of the stuff I'm missing out on by not being there. Thoughts? Resources?

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Wish I could help. The local media coverage seems thin (if not non-existent).

Coleman's doing a whole lot of mud-slinging, Franken seems oddly quiet and the others even more-so.

For what it's worth, here's what I've been able to find for websites:

Priscilla Lord Faris

Dean Barkley

Kurt M. Anderson

Bill Dahn

Darryl Stanton

Jack Uldrich

Stephen Williams

Michael Cavlan

Jack Shepard

Norm Coleman

Al Franken




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