I'm curious if any MN groups or meetups are planning on being at the state fair. Minnesota Atheists booth or anything?

Last years total attendance was 1,681,678 people. Seems a prime opportunity to be seen if not heard.


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I'll be working in the kettle corn stand in heritage square this coming weekend in the morning. Feel free to come by and be entertained by our sales pitch.
Bjorn, I can understand the difficulty and cost angle...I hadn't thought of that originally but it makes sense. Limited space + guaranteed pubic exposure = serious cash.

I'll try to get out there early this coming sunday (31st) and hang out at AM 950...I'll try not to be too much of a groupie.

LifeAttacks, should I make it out there I'll find that kettle corn stand and buy a bag :)
If you are going to be at the Fair on Sunday, you should plan to go to our Building Fund Raiser just a mile away. All the spaghetti you can eat for $6.66. Larpenteur Estates Party Room, 1276 Larpenteur Ave, W, just East of Hamline. 4:00 to 7:00.

It is a chance to meet a lot of atheists.
Being as I'll be taking a bus down I can move my schedule up a few hours and walk over to Larpenteur Estates once I'm tired of the fair.




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