I confess I only recognized about half of these people, good video though.


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I haven't watched the video yet but the blog entry is pretty telling. The blogger is of the mind that there is a heaven for those who commit to Jesus or whatever hoops his particular cult has adopted, and that those who don't jump through those hoops, no matter how "good," don't make it.

It's a common stance among religionists and it undercuts the argument that religion is primarily concerned with ethics, or producing decent human beings. Rather it seems to be more concerned with controlling people and having them toe a party line, the question of whether their actions are decent or not is secondary at best.
I see your point, I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the post about the video. I found this link on Austin Clines site at About.Com. I need to try and be more diligent before I add posts.

Oh no, I am glad you posted it. I think it says a lot about the rotten nature of religion.
Thanks Greg, and I totally agree.


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