From the St. Joe News:

"Inside the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library, the St. Joseph Skeptics were on hand for their weekly meeting. But unlike any meeting before, members sat like Santa’s elves in an assembly line — sorting out books, adding their stamp and passing them on.

The organization set a record Sunday with its book donation."

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The fun part is in on-line comments that follow a news article. This has been the first time there has been any article about the SJS that has produced 90% positive comments. Guess we'll have to erect another sign.
Get 'em Bob!
I say congratulations to them, though judging by the comments, some people weren't impressed by their generosity. I guess among certain religious people good works only count for good if you're christian.
Good point Dawson.

It's a nice trick that people can play on themselves. An Atheist can do wonderful works but still be considered "bad" by a religionist because the Atheist doesn't have Diety X while someone else can perpetrate horrible crimes and be considered "good" by the same religionist because of the perp's belief in Diety X. As the church lady would say "how conveeenient."




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