I just clicked send on a donation for MrDeity - Post your thoughts when you do too!

Hi all,


I've discovered MrDeity.  

I've seen them all and I want more.

I can't get that damn tune out of my head and I want the ringtone. 

I've infected several other people with the same itch that needs scratching.......is this what a born again Christians feel?

Today I tricked a Catholic friend into watching one...priceless!


So, the thing is, as you know, they need money to make more shows (more shows = good). I wanted to help but I'm doing the Mummy thing and not actually bringing in any money at the moment. I made a small donation today and my plan is to see how my husband reacts when he sees it on his credit card statement, if he sees it.  :-)    If nothing happens I'll try a bigger one next month. He is a new viewer too so it should be ok. Maybe. Definitely maybe ok.


So, click donate and then send me your thoughts. No thoughts without donation and we're on the honour system here.








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I love you all so much!!!!!! Thanks for this! I'm glad you're enjoying the show. We should have a new episode up on Monday -- Mr. Deity and the Cracker. And look for the parody of Sean's Dodge Charger Superbowl commercial! B
P.S.: I have to go donate now.
Sent a donation back in Feb. It wasn't much, but every little... etc.
So many worthy ppl making great podcasts, wish I could send something to everyone.
Mr. Deity is up there in the top worthingest.
I donated in the past but this time I did a monthly subscription. I love the series, but after hearing the Chariots of Iron interview I realize I also heartily support this approach to getting people to think about religion et al. As much as I admire the four horsemen for their intelligence and work, they can be strident and I think that can be somewhat counter-productive. Give people a laugh and a seed of doubt is a better way, I think.
I am spreading the word -
Spread 'em! That's my new motto! B
i do try :)
its a motto i could live by
I learned something today. If you're trying to hide a financial transaction from your husband you shouldn't leave evidence of it emblaxoned across your monitor when he sits down to fix your computer. So I'm busted.

He took it well. Good cause and all. Somewhat amused by my sneaking around, which is probably a definition of Love right there. Behaviour which would be condemned by a normal person is still considered "cute" to him. :-)

Together we have decided to subscribe properly. It was Brian's tales of the Bangladeshi street kid sending in a donation that really got to us in the end. We decided we could beat his measley dollar a month so off our $5 a month subscription has gone.

Keep up the good work Brian, have a banana.

Oh, and you might want to use our donation to buy something nice for Jesse next week, it has to be a bum week for him. Maybe one of those little usb thumb drives cunningly inserted into a cross pendant, I saw one of those online..

Warm regards,


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