So, what do we think is the best single episode to date to show to a Christian?


You have a friend over and they happen to be Christian.....they are willing to watch a funny show you downloaded.... you have a one episode shot at injecting some sliver of doubt into their world view which episode do you choose? 


Personally I'm torn between The Messages, and The Evil but there are a lot of plum contenders. 


What are your picks?



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I have not finished watching all of them yet, but I'm guessing all of them would offend my father. If I had to choose one, it would have to be Mr. Deity and The Light. It's very light hearted and it doesn't have a message that can be offensive to a theist.
The Trinity is really funny and would probably show that to my christian friend and when it finished say "is that right?"

Then I would show "Mr Deity and the Woman" for laughs. My fav line is at the End when Lucy comes in and she says "wow it's such a big day for her. I'll take care of her while you guys go get ready" and Mr Deity replies "I was thinking Black Tie"
cracks me up
LOL, yeah I thought of "The Woman" when I first saw this thread because I was thinking more along the lines of something I could show a Christian friend for laughs rather than provoking thought (which is pretty difficult with that ilk.)
I loved the Trinity episode but then again I love them all!

Definitely "The Evil!" Although "Identity Crisis" is pretty good too.
THE BEST is "the identity crisis". I find this is especially instructive for my UU friends, who have never been into the "trinity" thing.

"Who is he" and "What's on 2nd". LOL!
I think the episodes about the host, and the trinity would be the best, for an introduction to thew show at least.
Identity Crisis... No question for me.
Mine is Mr. Deity and the Light. Since most Christians do not buy into the Genesis story, they laugh without feeling offended.


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