How about having an auction to auction off a bit part on a Mr. Deity episode?  I for one would love to play Mary Magdalene!

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Haha, good idea, pitch it to em!
Maybe...John the Baptist...explaining to Jesse why these days he has to use a fire-hose to wash away sin. No, wait, we already had a John the Baptist episode, have to HEAD in some other direction.
I would pay good money to be Jonah. I would love to do the scene where the towns folk are taking the piss out of my instructions by putting sack cloths on goats and fasting the chickens. Bit of a bigger production though. Perhaps just the walk to the town having just spent three days in a fish. Or how about the debate that was had on the boat on who should be thrown over board. Oh the possibilities are endless. Nice idea.
Perhaps Mr. Deity could be seen viewing videos on (parody of YouTube that focuses entirely on prayers). That way, people could just submit their videos to the Brian, and they could choose the best ones to feature, with commentary from Mr. Deity/Larry -- it could be a running gag.

These 'prayers' could be anything -- supplications, anger, various religions/denominations, praises, requests. Think of the possibilities!

I could play the fat chick. Wait? Is there a fat chick in the bible? I could put on a beard and play Eglon, king of Moab (obscure reference).


I'm just guessing, but I'm very particular about my art and I'm sure Mr. Dalton is very particular about his actors. Not everyone can act (see Star Wars prequels). Not everyone can make good films (see most videos on YouTube, including mine). Mr. Dalton does make good films and probably doesn't need lousy actors mucking that up.


Perhaps there could be a fund-raising event on eBay, auctioning off signed Deity merchandise.




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