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I'll post this again because it inspired this (and it's the only one I know...)

Just watched it for the second time and I liked it better than the first time.

XTC - Dear god

One of my favorite songs.

Just saw Dear god video for the first time.  I like it.

Mine too!

Decoded Feedback - godshit

I love this group!

I have all their stuff.

Psychopomps - Godshit

Thanks Steph, I really liked Dear God! 

Yeah isn't that the coolest song!

I really love that song.

One of my favs!

I know there's more - I just have to think for a bit. : )

Damn, this is a musical niche that needs to be filled! Most of the songs I found were pretty lame. I did enjoy this angry atheist rapper, Graydon Square:  


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