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Nice. I usually hate rap, and I don't agree with everything he said, but it was very thoughtful.  I especially like the chorus just put your trust in us.

Yeah, I'm not a rap fan either... I was hoping to find an atheist Bob Dylan

Evidently there's a lot of atheist rap.  Here's another one....

Hehehe... good one. The rap thing is a little surprising to me. I have a skewed perspective, teaching in the Bible Belt, but my African American students have by and large been staunch believers and severe homophobes.

Yes, I don't know the actual statistics but I've heard it said that the black community in general is largely against homosexuality.  I don't know if there is a gay gene, so I'm not sure if it's a race issue.  It is a civil rights and equality issue though, so it's ironic that American blacks would be against gay rights.

Not sure what the mechanism is there. I went to Grad school at the Citadel when it was males only. The black cadets seemed most vehement about keeping women out even though very similar arguments were used 50 years ago to keep black people out.

Someone made a good observation the other day on this subject. He said that the Irish


The Irish ....

we are wanting the rest of the story : )

Wow, I typed more than that....    The Irish used to be discriminated against in early America.  When that was over, they joined in the discrimination of other groups almost immediately.  The first Christians were hunted down and killed by the Romans.  We all know what they did when they came into power.  It makes me wonder which group the gays will discriminate against when their day is over.

"It makes me wonder which group the gays will discriminate against when their day is over."


I'll put my money on... THE ATHEISTS

lol, hopefully we'll be visited by space aliens before then.  ;)


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