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I love Beethoven. Thanks Steph.

How about something a touch off the beaten track ... by Percy Grainger?  To wit, the first movement of his wonderful work, Lincolnshire Posy?

I played A LOT of Grainger music in college and also currently now and then in my community band.  In addition to his wonderful music, Grainger had a very interesting personal life.  He was an out atheist, an out racist, an out anti-Semitic and sexually into Bondage & Degradation. 

Well, from reading the comments of those who have actually PLAYED his music, apparently he was into torturing musicians, too, with LOTS of hemidemisemiquavers and screwy time signatures!

Still, it's GREAT music!

Excellent music. I know for myself, if I couldn't separate the artist's personal life from the craft I'd have very little in the arts to appreciate.

Beethoven's 7th. Here is the 2nd movement performed by the Berlin Philaharmonic. The whole thing is utterly beautiful. 

I agree, utterly beautiful.

Absoloutely, stunningly, breathtakingly, gorgeous.

What really moves me about music, particularily classical and jazz, is that the more you put into it, the greater the return. I'm not saying it can't be listened to casually, because it certainly can. Or that other types of music can't be listened to critically, for they can also. But it seems more applicable to classical (and for me jazz), that the greater time I take to really listen to it, with no distractions, hearing the melody, counter-melody, rhythmns, tone, the feelings that the composer/director/players put into the performance, the greater my emotional connection is, the greater my understanding of the music is. And it is very personal. No two of us will connect exactly the same. Similar, maybe, but not the same. What a beautiful mosaic mankind is. As his music will inform you of, if you will just listen.



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