I saw these guys in concert!

They are great!

The music genre I listen to most

I could post all day here.


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depeche mode - nothing (1987)


My most favorite band!! I have always loved them and I see them every time they go on tour!


Depeche Mode - Fly On The Windscreen

Depeche Mode (The Things You Said) 101 (HQ)

Trent Reznor. NIN. 'Closer'.

I love Nine Inch Nails - thanks!


Did you get their new album?

It's a free download from their website.

Myrath. A prog metal band from Tunisia. Industrialinfluences, along with classical mid-eastern music. 'Merciless Times'.



They are good - I'll have to go to iTunes and get that album.

I really like that mid-eastern sound mixed in. 

Yeah, discovered them one night just trolling around youtube. They hav 3 albums out now. I bought the latest one that has this song on it. Can highly recommend it. Very different sound to the western ear, but in a good way.

Nox Arcana. 'Night of the Wolf'.


Another one - I have all their stuff!


Awesome Tony!

When I want Goth, I want Goth!And these guys deliver.

Going to supper now, but will be back in a couple hours. I expect to see more from you, my friend. Be well.


Thanks Tony - have a good dinner.

I appreciate all the good music.




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