I saw these guys in concert!

They are great!

The music genre I listen to most

I could post all day here.


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Not sure. Will have to give this one some further listening, and some more of their stuff.

Blutengel is a great German band - I just love them!

I have all their stuff too.

DECODED FEEDBACK "Desire" (2000)

Decoded Feedback again. Steph, I think you got me hooked. When additional playlist came up, listened to Dark Star. Wow. Then Passion of Flesh. You definitely turned me onto a group I had never heard of. Thanks.

They are awesome! Glad you like them!

I love them too.

Mind.In.A.Box - Change


One of my most FAVORITE bands!


All I can say is, if the rest of their stuff is as good, they will have a new fan. Will have some shopping to do. Thanks, Steph.

Marilyn Manson. 'The Beautiful People'.

Ministry. Quite a few by these guys I like. I chose 'Stigmata'. Really like this one.

South Park Goth song.

I remember this. Funny stuff. Then again, it's South Park.

Oh I love it!

The Forest - by the Cure.

I know they used that for the Goth Kids.

They are my favorite in South Park!

Thanks James!



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