I saw these guys in concert!

They are great!

The music genre I listen to most

I could post all day here.


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Well I'm not sure what song this is - on this You Tube - will check.

I just remember that in South Park they would play The Forest by The Cure for the Goth Kids.

It's in the episode "You Got F'd in the A" (season 8 episode 4).  The one where the South Park kids got 'served.'  The goth kids were demonstrating how to dance goth style.  The song is a mix of A Forest by The Cure and something else, but it's original to South Park.

Yeah I thought it didn't sound the the original song.
Those are my favorite episodes. The ones with the Goth Kids.
I own all of the South Park seasons on DVD.
Isn't that the coolest episode?

It's hard for me to say what's the coolest episode because I love just about all of them.  Except for the Britney Spears one.... I can't watch that one, it grosses me out too much. 

It was a rhetorical question. Hehe I really love all the episodes.
Cool James!

Okay, South Park. Woodland Christmas Critters. That's my pick. I know, they're all great, but this one just slays me.

I know this isn't music, but it is a beautiful Goth picture.

Super Cool!




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