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yeah cool

'Duck Tales". Woo Hoo!

love that show

Dick Van Dyke at the beginning of Mary Poppins, singing his comical poems:

Or at least he is until he notes a change in the weather, which brings a wonderful and reflective moment that isn't expected.

Some of my favorites of those mentioned are:  Kiss the Girl, Feed the Birds, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Besides Kiss the Girl, I like most of the songs from The Little Mermaid.  Under the Sea is good.

My favorite Movie is Lilo & Stitch.  I lost my love of Elvis music some time ago, but in that movie, I like it because it's presented in a humorous way and fits the movie.  I like all the music in Lilo & Stitch, but especially two songs by the Kamehameha Choir.  They are 9-13 year-old Hawaiian students.  They sing the opening song "He Male No Lilo", and it brings tears to my eyes every time.  The also sing "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" during the surfing scene.

Here are the YouTube video's of them, but with not near the power as experienced in the movie.



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