We all know of horns in classical and jazz. What about in rock? Tell us your favorite rock/pop song with unforgetable horns.


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Chase. 'Handbags and Gladrags'.http://youtu.be/KF5oKHm2FAA





The Flock. 'I Am the Tall Tree'. The interplay between the violin and saxophone is simply beautiful.


Blood, Sweat, and Tears. 'Lisa Listen to Me'.


Hell, if you're gonna talk about BST, you GOT to mention Lucretia McEvil!  The brass OWNS that song!

Yeah, I'm just trying to pick one song from each artists. I personally like 'High on a Mountain'. Or 'Mama Gets High', or '30,000 Headmen', 'And When I Die', could keep going. Not a bad song from them. The reason I chose 'Lisa Listen to Me' was because David Clayton-Thomas picked up his quitar and played on this one. Was one of the few times he played an instrument and sang on a song.

Phil Collins. 'Sussudio'. With the great Tower of Power horn section.


Yay! Great song! I'm a fan of Phil Collins and Genesis - good stuff.

Couldn't do this without something from Chicago. 'Saturday in the Park'.


From Eddie and the Cruisers. Sung by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band. 'On the Dark Side'. Great sax solo.


Oh yeah - I remember this song.

Tim Cappello. 'I Still Believe'. Very dirty, nasty saxophone. Love it.http://youtu.be/PdaaGlyu7EQ



Good discussion Tony! Love them!




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