We all know of horns in classical and jazz. What about in rock? Tell us your favorite rock/pop song with unforgetable horns.


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Oh thanks so much Tony!

I was looking on the wrong website.

Thanks so much!

Good song!

And I missed this and went and embedded it later - funny

Back to the Chicago nod,  the horn arrangement on "25 or 6 to 4" is really quite brilliant. Especially the tag at the end.

I agree. Great horn line, and one of the few early Chicago songs I don't like. Never have. Can't put my finger on it, but it irritates me whenever I hear it. Oh well, to  each his own.

I own every album they have put out. Countdown to Ectasy is arguably their best all around album. Steely Dan. 'My Old School'.


The amazing James Brown. 'Papa's Got a Brand New Bag'.



Stevie Wonder. Incomparable. And one of the sickest, most wicked bass lines. Ever. Plus great horns.

'Do I Do'

Huey Lewis & The News. 'Trouble in Paradise'.http://youtu.be/GXfUelkiiqQ


I remember this song

The Boss. 'Born To Run'.


The Beatles. 'Penny Lane'. The really high notes are from piccolo trumpet. Also has regular trumpet.http://youtu.be/PEyJ2EEvRBU




Oh, so you want HORNS, eh?  How about 'bones ... 21 of 'em!

The gentlemen performing above were inspired by a recording made back in 1967 by trombonist Urbie Green and producer Enoch Light, who together created the original "21 Trombones" album.  I put this up rather than a recording of Urbie's because I thought you'd enjoy a live performance.

However, for the sake of reference:

If you find a phatter sound than THAT out there, you let me know!


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