We all know of horns in classical and jazz. What about in rock? Tell us your favorite rock/pop song with unforgetable horns.


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Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey (HQ music video)

Now this, I LOOOOOOOOVE!!! I have been known to walk around at work singing this song to myself (softly, of course). Whenever someone does overhear and ask what song I'm singing, and I tell them, I get the look. Hahaha!

You know what? This has been one of my favorite songs - since I heard it when I was little. Just love it!

I know. When I moved out at 18 and joined the USAF, I discovered metal, progressive, and experimental. I mean, I still like some pop, mainstream rock, you know, a little bit of everything. But for some reason, prog and metal seemed to fill a void I didn't know I had. And Genesis was definately one of these.

Yeah - one of the best!


And still listening to them to this day.

Good deal -me too. I own all their stuff on iTunes.


Maybe our next discussion on this thread ought to be prog rock/metal/techno/industrial. They are all related. Whatcha' think? I think it would be a fun discussion.

I can make that one - since that is the music genre I listen to the most. Would be cool. I would post too many in that one. : )

Good. Make it so, as Jean-Luc Picard would say. You can count on me to post many there, also.

Madness. 'Our House'. Great two-tone ska.



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