Can you think of any movies that just wouldn't be the same with out their killer soundtracks? Please post the song!

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I'll kick start it:

I love Jurassic Park! Awesome choice!

Elmer Bernstein-Composer

'The Magnificent Seven'. A remake of Akira Kurosawa's 'The Seven Samurai'.


Excellent, I feel like there was an amazing amount of detail that used to be put into the scores for older flicks.

James, composers for movies have been going back and forth from classical (Gershwin), jazz (Ellington), modern popular (Bernstien), pop/rock (Newman-Randy and his cousin Thomas) and so forth since the silent film days. The producers/writers/directors of films truly understood how the music could make a movie. And they still do. Saw a documentary recently about George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and John Williams. It was about music in the movies. Really good documentary.

I have a soundtrack in mind - ill need to go and pull some You Tube vids.

 'Chariots of Fire'-Vangelis

Fantastic pick. That song has been utilized in more movies, television shows, and
commercials than I can even begin to count.

Great choice Tony!

'Scent of a Woman'-Thomas Newman

'The Gael'-Dougie McClain. From Last of the Mohicans.




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