Can you think of any movies that just wouldn't be the same with out their killer soundtracks? Please post the song!

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A few of my favorites (the romantic in me):

Theme from The Apartment

Summer of '42

An odd favorite of mine, soundtrack from "The Last Temptation of Christ."  The whole album is really cool.

I understand. Because this is an odd favorite of mine, considering.

'Superstar' from the movie- Jesus Christ Superstar. Meh. I like Andrew Lloyd Webber.

And let's not forget "I Don't Know How to Love Him" sung by Yvonne Elliman who went on to achieve infamous disco fame with "If I Can't Have You" on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.  Anne Murray had a huge hit in a cover version of "I don't know how to love him."

Last year I had the pleasure of seeing Jesus Christ Superstar on the big screen at a revival house here in Chicago.  The combination of religion, the hippie culture, some great music and fantastic was a fun trip.

This song caused my first thoughts of non divine jesus so in a way started me on the road to atheism.  

Funny you should say that.  In the late '70s when I started attending my Lutheran high school, they showed us the movie Godspell in class and it was also shown on TV every Easter.  In addition, being a musician, I played much of the music from the soundtrack during that time and was very familiar with the film.  Godspell presented Jesus in such a human-like manner that he seemed to lose much of his divinity.  And the movie presents many bible parables in such an allegorical style that it taught me not to take anything in the bible literally.  I would love to go back to my high school and tell them that their christian education had the unintended opposite effect on me!!  

I too loved the musical. Very, very human jesus. That's why alot of religious people didn't like it. This is one of my favorites from it, simply because of the voice of Lynne Thigpen. Absoloutely astounding.

This is a good example of the beauty that can come out of religion. There's a silver lining to most things.

There are so many. Great suggestions everyone.  Did anyone watch Disney's Mulan with kids or just for fun? It has good music and Donny Osmond rocks "I'll make a man out of you"




Confession time. I watched Disney before my son was born, while he was young, and now that he's grown and married, I still watch Disney movies. By myself, if need be. Yeah, nerd. But I'm O.K. with that. :)

I'm the same way. Some of the 'kids' movies have better stories with more developed characters than a lot of the blockbusters.

I love when music is used to tell a story. Disney excels at that.



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