Post your Muppet Music!
Lets have fun!

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A few words from the Swedish Chef.

A flurgen flargaan. Menta moshe. Um bork, bork, bork.

Thank you for that fine introduction Swedish Chef. As he said, Animal drumming to Rush, 'The Body Electric'. Or as Animal would say, "Wooomaaaann!"

Oh cool! Thank you Tony!
I just love the Muppets!

Me too, Steph. They are doing new segments and putting them on youtube direct. Love it!!! Whenever I need a pick me up, can always count on the Muppets.

They always make me smile! I have all their movies and I also bought the TV series. When I was little I had the Muppet collection of glasses from McDonalds - we had to go and get them all.

I remember the dayroom on Saturday afternoons in the barracks. All these guys had been wandering in and out, watching sports, playing music, grabassing, typical male stuff. All old enough to be in the Air Force, 18 and up. The Muppet Show came on every Saturday afternoon, and invariably almost all the guys would come in to watch it. It does have a universal appeal.

What a cool story Tony! How cool!
I still love the Muppets!

OK Go and The Muppets redoing the intro song for The Muppet Show. Very funny. Made me laugh. Wakka wakka wakka.


I love the Intro song - did you see their newest movie? I bought it!




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