Post your Muppet Music!
Lets have fun!

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Nah, just haven't had the time. But my daughter-in-law has it, so when things get a little calmer, will be having a Muppet Sunday. As Kermit would say, yeeeaaahhh!

It's a great movie! Anyway, I love it when Kermit doesn't that - YAY - and throws his arms up in the air! So cute!

Mahna Mahna. The Muppets.

Oh I love it! I sing along with it! : )

Yeah, me too. Couple 'a nerds, huh? I don't care. I say let it fly, baby! Let 'em know a geek is comin'!

That's me alright! Hehe : )

I have The Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD, but the only TV shows I have is one DVD with Linda Ronstadt, one of my favorite singers.  Here she is singing to Kermit:

Thank you Idaho - I love that movie! Great song!

I'd like to have all the Muppet shows on DVD if I had the bucks.

There are so many magical muppet musical moments. Jim Henson had a great instinct for a catchy song, and he helped revive the currency of many an old chestnut. Two of my favorites are 'Mambo Italiano' and the 'Banana Boat Song (Day-o) with Harry Belafonte, but there are many others, not to mention that wonderful original 'Rainbow Connection'. You're right, Tony, they had almost universal appeal. You mention Air Force barracks. I could imagine all the gangsters watching in their hideouts too, putting their hardware down and the feet up for half an hour...


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