< Earned It
My go to song right now to get in the right mood ;) < Sara Smile
My ex used to play this for me. Couldnt listen to it for a long wile < When I was Your Man
Reminds me when you were stupid and young and missed out on someone plus I love the honesty. Honesty melts my heart every time.

These songs played straight on my spotify. Had to say something.

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I really like Earned It!  This is my first time hearing it.  I never saw 50 Shades of Grey and I'm not familiar with The Weeknd.  (Yeah, it's not uncommon for me to be a bit behind the times.)  Anyway, thanks for the nice musical surprise.

I love so many types of music, it hard to quickly come up with a few songs that define my own melting heart and pants moods.  I need a little time to think this through.      

Of course this brings forth music from the movie 9-1/2 Weeks.

Mazzy Star

Wild Horses

Most of these songs are a bit too rock oriented for my taste.

I watched La La Land on the airplane and enjoyed the music. The movie was okay, but the music makes it better.

Most musicals are like that. I dont know wtf rocky horror is about and I tripped a lot of times.

I wonder what it's like for kids, or young adults today with cell phones who are never able to get away from someone who has a love interest in them.

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.

9 Percent of Americans Have Used Cell Phones During Sex

In sarcasm, I wonder if it's because of the vibrating feature.

I remember seeing a "TinyMUD Purity Test" that, unlike the classic sex-and-drugs-oriented purity tests, had to do with how experienced you were with the multiplayer online text-adventure games known as TinyMUDs. While the vast majority of questions were G- or PG-rated, there was a section dealing with cybersex in the game, which culminated with:

  • Have you ever had [cyber]sex and [real-life] sex at the same time?
  • ...with the same person?

Meri, if you'd like to embed the video instead of just posting the URL for it, here's how you do it.




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