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No calling foul on this one. It does have the name Miami in the title.

Theme from 'Miami Vice'. Cool cars, beautiful women, plus drugs!

This reminds me of the background music to the old NES videogame Narc.

Ha ha ha. It does. It really does!

Now, for some overseas action. By Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

'Marrakesh Express'.



Yes! I was wondering if anyone would take advantage of the fact that I didn't specify US cities and States. Nice song too.

Little Feat. From the album 'Feats Don't Fail Me Now'.

'Oh Atlanta'.


Really groovy old school slow jam. Brook Benton.

'Rainy Night in Georgia'.

Which reminded me of this Claymation version of 'Georgia on my Mind' by Ray Charles, featuring then prez Jimmy Carter. Wacky, funny stuff.


I just watched the movie Ray the other day.  It was done well.

Ah, where did he go wrong. Murray Head. 'One Night in Bangkok'.

Kinda weird video, too.



Oh Tony! I love that song! Since I was little!!! Murray Head "One Night in Bangkok"

Me too, Steph. Me too.


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