Music is always evolving and so are the instruments that people use. Have you seen any unique performances that you'd like to share?

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                                      Drumbone. Blue Man Group.


                      Clair de Lune by Debussey on the Thermin.

I was going to post about the Theremin but you beat me to it.  Several months ago I watched a very interesting documentary about Mr. Theremin and his invention.  I highly recommend it for music lovers.  Netflix has it.  Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

Great performance. I'd never seen a theramin played so beautifully. Thanks, Tony.

                  Kalimba. aka the Thumb Piano

    Killing two nerds with one stone. A laser harp, and the theme to Red Dwarf.

Nerds.....gotta love 'em.  That's why I always enjoy the annual sci-fi movie festival here in Chicago. 

From what I understand, the instrument is called a panart hang.

Great posts Tony!  The panart hang thing is pretty cool.  I loved the Theremin though I have to admit that whenever I hear someone playing one and they don't play the Star Trek theme, I feel cheated.  The others were cool too.  I laughed at how nerd the laser harp was :)

Yeah, the laser harp is real geeky and nerdy. Plus, this guy does covers of sf shows and video games. Ah, a true nerd, heart and soul! Hey, that's the name of a song!!!




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