Music is always evolving and so are the instruments that people use. Have you seen any unique performances that you'd like to share?

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Thanks for posting Loren.

Wonderful music.

I didn't know many people knew about a thermin, or a thumb piano.

Bela Fleck

Pat Metheny on a  Pikasso 42 String  guitar.

I didn't care much for the thumb piano, but when all the other instruments came in and she started singing, It was great.

I loved the thumb piano and the rousing singing. You can't help but feel happy and move your body and feet.

If you follow the the links for Bela Fleck you may find some great music and insturments. In my opinion it's great and I'm glad someone documented his course as he learned  about different music , instruments and for lack of a better word 'cords.'

Afropop Worldwide is interesting to listen to.




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