I am a fiddler!

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I played the accordion a little when I was very young and learned to strum a few cords on a classical guitar in my 20s.  Wish I had kept at it.

You could take them up again and we could start an AN band :D

I play alto saxophone.  I was a saxophone major in college.  These days I play in a community band.  I actually own a piano but it sits in my living room collecting dust.  I had piano lessons as a kid but I was never really a good player.  It was my introduction to playing music, though.   

Not many replies. Atheists don't tend to be musical?


I don't play an instrument, though I wish I could. I tried a few things as a kid.

Interesting you should say that, I've been thinking about the musicians I know, and many do indeed go to church!

Never too old to learn an instrument ;)

I suspect many children are introduced to, or given ongoing practice for, music by the church.

Plenty of instruments out there which don't involve blowing anything ;)

Musicians love an appreciative audience!! 


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