When we're by ourselves, we all play music that we normally don't play when others are around.  In your solitude, what secret musical passion causes you to crank up the volume?

I'm a sucker for The Carpenters, Barry Manilow, and disco!

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I have to admit it:

Every single chance,
I get up and dance,
And do the Curly Shuffle!

And I don't even dance that well!

LOL  I totally forgot about that song.  Great video, too.  I'll have to remember to request this song with the DJ at my niece's wedding reception this November. 

Okay FA, here's one of them.


Not only is the beat infectious, but I like looking at Gloria. She is just so damn gorgeous.

Hey, nothing wrong with Gloria.  Always an upbeat, happy sound. 

Now, for number two. http://youtu.be/pIgZ7gMze7A

Don't look at me like that. You asked, damnit!

And even though I'm straight, I'm secure enough to say he is a handsome man.

Wham! 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'. Enjoy.




Happy-go-lucky mindless and fun music.  I love it!!  I agree, great eye candy for the gay man and for straight men secure with their sexuality.  lol

Dude, if you look good, flaunt it. lol

ha ha. Love it.

Numero tres. Bread. 'If'.


I know. Cheesetastic. What can I say.

Boy, Tony, you're sure bringing back memories.  I had my first college sexual experience that wasn't by myself with Bread playing on cassette tape in the background.  His choice, not mine.  (T.M.I.?)  I've always remembered that.  I think about that night every time a hear a song by Bread.  Goes to show you how music can help ingrain an experience into your memory and trigger it decades later.   

Yeah, my first serious girlfriend. In the backseat of my fathers Ford Galaxie 500. In the parking lot of the local Mormon church ( I shit you not ). This was on the radio at the time. Never really did like Bread up to that point. But you can understand why I still like this one.

BTW, just for the record, I think Tina Turner and her legs are freakin' HOT, and I'm secure in my sexuality.  LOL




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