When we're by ourselves, we all play music that we normally don't play when others are around.  In your solitude, what secret musical passion causes you to crank up the volume?

I'm a sucker for The Carpenters, Barry Manilow, and disco!

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May we all be secure in our sexuality, and acknowledge hotness when we see it. Big LOL :)

Okay, here's an embarrassing song and the version is from an embarrassing/nerdy television show.  I love it. Enjoy.


Dude, I loved Angel. I thought it was better than Buffy. Just wish it had had a chance to end better, you know?

Yes, I agree. The writers wanted to leave us with the idea that the eternal battle continues. My friend Tim told me the story continues in the comics and all the characters that died end up coming back do to a superman flying around the world type plot resolution.

That sounds kinda lame to me dude. I've always noticed that translating from books to movies or vice versa usually doesn't turn out to well. Interesting idea, I guess. Will have to look it up and see if they executed it well.

It does sound lame. That's why I appreciate the ending that the TV writers gave it.

Yeah, I guess sometimes it's best to leave it as it is. Still, gonna check out the comics. If anything like the continuation of Jericho in the manga series though, I'll just....well, it won't be pretty. lol

Here's one that's bombastic, cheesy, and really over the top.


Total Eclipse of the Heart.

I love to watch shitty, B grade, biker exploitation flicks from the 60s. I may have seen all of em

This one's for you.


From Sons of Anarchy. Enjoy my friend.


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