What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits. Songs for the reprobate in all of us.

     Your favorite songs about drinking, smoking, drugs, etc. Anything you consider an addiction/obsession. And boy, are there a lot of them.



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Love the drinking song, Idaho. Roger Miller is a classic. And 3 Dog Night? Fantastic.

With that in mind, another 3 Dog Night song. 'Mama Told Me Not To Come'.


Okay folks.  Don't hate me, but here you go........

Don Ho. Rrreeeeeaaaalllly. We're going there, huh. Like shooting monkeys in a barrel, or is that fish? Or barbells? Whatever. The gauntlet has been thrown, sir. Score 1 to you. Mare's eat oats, and doe's eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy. I counter, secure in the knowledge it's 3 for a nickel, and 12 for a dime.

Toby Keith. 'I Love This Bar'. The warning shot has been served, lead on, McDougall (or is it McDuff)?


LOL   That's a hilarious video. 

Yeah, I think drinking songs are well represented by our country musicians. They definitely know how to bend an elbow.

Party on Garth (Brooks). Party on Wayne (Campbell). lol!

Probably my favorite, Queen of the Silver Dollar:


Wow, Dr. Hook. Good one. Me likey.

I know. Of all the people one would think of availing himself of the cornucopia of mother nature, Zappa was one. Came as a surprise when I found out he only indulged in legal drugs, nicotine and ethanol. And caffiene.

Didn't know about 'Willin', will have to check it out. Always loved Zappa, and Little Feat too.

This song always makes me want to act up.


Never heard of them. Interesting sound. Good song.

Fidd, I agree. The most important instrument any of us have is our ear, which leads directly to our brain. Music that moves me is the closest I come to a religious experience. I cherish that. Jesus can't move me, but music sure does.

Amen to that, Brother!


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