The 1940s was the era of the Crooners and the Big Bands.

It was war-time, and the world needed a place to go and just dance and forget for the moment.

The Big Bands were the music of the rebels in Nazi Germany.

The Swing Kids were opposed to Hitler, and the music was banned. Secret Swing Clubs popped up where the kids could dance and have a momentary reprieve from the evil occurring outside their door.

Enter The Glenn Miller Band and a very young, very charming and very hot Frank Sinatra who then proceeded to take the world by storm and "do it his way".

Glenn Miller

Frank Sinatra

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Wait, wait, I wasn't even born yet! Frank who?
Haha! Neither was I :-).
yeah, I did the math and figured either you're already dead and reincarnation isn't a myth or you're just really fond of all types of music. I ended up deciding you really liked great music.
And you would be right. All kinds :-)
I wasn't born yet either, but I grew up on the classic music and movies of the 40s and 50s. "Oh Franky!" *swoon* He was hot as anything.
Yes he was :-) Lol.

My mother got all excited over Perry Como, but Franky had much better style.
I grew up with the movies because I loved black & white movies as a kid but no one in my family ever listened to music that I can remember. How weird is that?
What a neat discussion. If you'd ask any old timer what he/she thought of band music, they say, Great. Thats when the United States was still a country composed of individuals. Notice how band leaders would point to a player and he/she would do a prolonged solo. Horns, strings, drums, whatever. Chick Webb, Glenn Miller, random members of the band. Tommy Dorsey would actually make his horn sing. You don't see that anymore.
Frank Sinatra who then proceeded to take the world by storm and "do it his way"

My Way, original version, and original video. Enjoy ;-)




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