I find this type of thing interesting: Christian groups focusing on a particular recording artist, taking excerpts from their music/lyrics and rolling it into a little presentation to promote the idea that the artist's music is somehow satan-inspired and/or evil. Below are two videos. The first is a religious one intended to keep people away from the "evil" music of Tori Amos by using a couple of lyrics from her song "Father Lucifer." They throw in a couple of random quotes including one where she states that she does not consider the word "Lucifer" to be an evil force. In more in depth interviews, she has stated that she uses the name "Lucifer" to describe those innermost parts of ourselves that we deny, even to ourselves, and keep hidden and tucked away out of sight. Lucifer is all about those deep bits of human emotion, and the song (in reality) is about bringing them forth into the light and coming to terms with oneself. The second video is Tori performing the song live. What I really wonder is, how can even a christian watch this woman do what she does and not be moved by it? This is just one of many, many videos like this about different artists. I just chose Tori because I adore her ;)

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One good aspect about not believing is that we can eliminate the dark side also. Makes sense: No Jesus, no Lucifer. There's always scavengers that tries to horn in: there's no Jesus, so now you're on the dark side. Buy my records; adulate me as a replacement.

I have a Cristian MexGos singer in Mirror Reversal. Bonnie Fonda-Cox, she made furtune singing to the masses.

“Anyway, she’s not a flunkie anymore. She’s a born-again Christian now. And making a fortune as a Christian Rock/HipHop singer. Y’ever hear that song, ‘Jumpin’ for Joy for Jesus?’ That’s Bonnie’s. She formed this group, ‘The Merry Martyrs.’ They’re really a big hit; they sing all over the country, and booked solid for six months. ‘Jumpin for Joy’ goes like this,” Panti sang into the phone, venting repressed aspirations to become a main-stream entertainer:

“Lord, how long do we have to wait?
We’re in such an icky state.
Tired of livin’ in Sodom and Gomorrah
Where everything’s evil – even the flora.

When You come again, all will be fine.
You’ll lead us to heaven and we’ll drink wine.
You’ll know what to do with sinners
On the very Last Day, we’ll be the winners.”

Wow, what awful lyrics!

The point is that Tori's "dark side" is not a dark side at all, though. It is only referred to as dark because so much of our inner selves we keep under the rug, in the closet, in the darkness out of sight of others. Tori is all about being who you are deep down, not feeling that need to suppress yourself out of fear of what others might think of you or what a religion might condemn you for *feeling.* Quite simply, it's about being a whole person and finding the joy in that.
While his dark side is definitely a dark side, be denies ever advocating violence. While I can understand why someone wouldn't want their kids listening to this guy, blaming him for Columbine is a little extreme.

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I love this song! Actually I love the whole album it's on. I wouldn't want my 4 year old listening to it just because of the profanity. And hey, nothing against profanity, it's just that I don't want him spewing it until he's quite a bit older. I think a lot of people who are exposed to MM dismiss him too quickly. His music is hard hitting and intense, but when you actually sit down and read his lyrics, he is not promoting satan-worship, chaos, violence and murder (LOL) as many religious folk insist. In fact he writes some very beautiful poetry. Too bad so many people can't sit down, read his lyrics, really listen to what he is saying and just appreciate this unique talent.
I am actually big time Metal fan. also enjoy most darkest genres such as Dark Ambient and stuff.
But what I don't like about them is.. too much of spirituality or pseudo scientific stuff.
But as music I enjoy it. and also I used to be an avid black metal listener. now, I listen to it a lot lesser. haha those were funny immature days :D I thought I can be a satanist and a misanthrope as well haha.
I too am a Metal music fan and as I get older I continuously get heavier. One of the things I enjoy about Metal music is that it is a reflection of society, and I find the irreligious lyrics often true. I may not always agree with the notion by I do agree with the sentiment. For example a lyric from the Viking Metal band Unleashed: Religious filth spreading like a plaque. I do not think that religious people are filth, my mother was a christian and one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet, others are not.

Also, Ozzy has been demonized for years. He and the Metal band Judas Priest have both been blamed for the suicide of listeners. Subliminal messages anyone? If subliminal messages were fact we would all be christian drones.




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