All your favorite underground bands! Post em!!!!Ill start with THE CRAMPS, in honor of the late Lux Interior, and the O so beautiful Ivy Rorschach

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lets move on to THE DAMNED

Saw THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES 3 times all in small club srttings which is what they were best at!!
One of the early songs from Dicky and the boys!!

They're not "underground" anymore but it's cool you got to see them when they were :)
So true Angie. I think they lost alot when they attempted to go big, and left TANG records.
This is how my daughter got her middle name. One of the great rockabilly bands from the late 70s out of Cali.

Blasters must be followed with X one of the great LA punk/rocker bands

Maddness huge it Britanduring the 80s, but underground in the US, rudeboy ska,skin scene!!!

Good one!! :-)
The original shock rocker!!
Yep. Alice Cooper was great!
If you like Alice, I'm sure you know and like Zappa :-)

This one's pretty unique. It's Lennon and Zappa together! (Yoko's a hoot in this one Lol)

Frank Zappa!! "Broken Hearts are for assholes" o yeah! Shiek Your Booty!!




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