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Jesus of Nazereth 0(ish) A.D.: Born on December 25 to a virgin (Mary mother). His birth was announced by a star in the East and was adored by three kings. Jesus was a child teacher at 12. Jesus was baptized by John the baptist at 30. Jesus was resurrected after 3 days.

Horus of Egypt 3000 B.C.: Born on December 25 to a virgin Isis (Meri mother). His birth was announced by a star in the East and was adored by 3 kings.  Horus was a child teacher at 12. Horus was baptized by Anup the baptizer at 30. Horus was resurrected after 3 days.


This is Sean and Fritz from the Mythicist Milwaukee organization. We just wanted to inform people about our organization and meetup group. We meet in downtown Milwaukee to discuss the information provided through mythicism. We are a young organization that is reaching out to local groups and individuals that are in line with our cause.

Whether you are an atheist, humanist, agnostic etc. the information provided through mythicism provides factual historical data to help explain the origins of the supernatural stories of the modern day religions. The mythicist position or mythicism is not a religion, but a study of our ancient ancestor’s mythology and how they relate to the natural phenomenon of astrotheology. What is showcased is how similar the modern day religions are to the ancient myths and how we can explain them through things as elementary (in this day and age) as the movement of the sun and stars. The mythicist position does not conclude that god doesn't exist, (you cannot disprove a negative) but it can help prove where these stories actually originated from, which in a lot of cases liberates the mind. If you are familiar the work of Acharya S you are familiar with mythicism. 

We are currently looking to present ourselves and the mythicist position to those that would find value. If you have any questions please let us know. We feel that it is important that organizations support one another in order to help break the cycle of spreading religious misinformation generation to generation. For details please visit: ... Mythicism/ 
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