Thanks to the Daystar TV, Internet users who want to watch Jesus Christ's return in real time can watch a live streaming video of the Mount of Olives. Ah, the marvels of technology to promise to show the "reality" of myth "very soon".... yes, "very soon".


Actually, there are two "Jesus return cameras." According to Raw Story, two major Christian television networks — Daystar TV and the Trinity Broadcasting Network –have "set up cameras in studios overlooking the Mount of Olives, where scripture says the Christian Messiah will touch down one day."


Raw Story also reports:


The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life said in 2011 that 78.4 percent of Americans consider themselves to be Christian, but just 26.3 percent identify as evangelical. A wide majority of evangelical leaders also said they believe their influence on American society is waning. Nevertheless, there will almost assuredly be a market for Armageddon-themed media going forward: a Reuters/Ipsos poll published in May found that 22 percent of Americans believe the world will end in their lifetime.


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