National Atheist Party Charter

National Atheist Party Charter “From Diversity and Reason, Unity” Adopted March 2011 Preamble Acknowledging our reliance upon Reason and Rational Thought for our guidance and Ethical Standards, and in celebration of freethinking individuals of the United States, forthwith, we do hereby constitute this organization. ‎"The National Atheist Party is open to all faiths, if they share our goals. We are not, as a Party, attacking the evidentiary basis of religion and recognize that would be impossible and counter-productive. This is not an organization that seeks to defeat religion. Our goal is to seek legislation that is free of religious bias in our government. We support the right of any individual to practice anything they want as long as that observance is performed at home, in their church, synagogue, mosque or public land set aside for such use. We do not seek to limit the freedom of religious expression in any way, but where multiple traditions collide, like school, the workplace, government and the courts, religion should be prudently absent. From the perspective of the National Atheist Party, government and the agencies of government, should not promote or endorse any one religion or ideology over any other. To do so is to violate the spirit and the intent of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and to deny the intent of the framers of the U.S. Constitution.” Article I - Name Section 1: A) Political Committee Name 1. The name of this organization, as a ‘national political party’ certified under the provisions of the Election Law of the United States of America, shall be the “National Atheist Party,” hereinafter referred to as the “Party.” Article II - Purpose Section 1: A) Purpose of the Party 1. The purpose of the Party is to develop an informed, energetic and effective nationwide political organization in order to support the principles, goals and platforms of the Party as adopted by the National Convention of the Atheist Party, and to secure the election of all duly nominated candidates and electors thereof. Article III - Governance Section 1: A) Party Governing Body 1. The Executive Board is the governing body of the National Atheist Party and shall be responsible for conducting all party business. Qualifications and duties of the officers, procedures concerning the times and places of meetings and rules and procedures for governance of the Executive Board shall be set forth in the bylaws. Article IV - Members Section 1: A) Party Membership 1. Membership in the Party shall consist of all persons who are registered voters under the laws of the United States who have declared their affiliation with the Atheist Party proper. Article V - Convention Section 1: A) Virtual Convention 1. For each year in which the President of the United States is elected, the Atheist Party shall hold a Virtual Convention (ongoing) for the purpose of: 2. Electing an Executive Board 3. Adopting a Party Platform 4. Transacting any other business brought before the Convention according to established Party rules. Article VI - Identification Section 1: A) Party name, Motto, Mission Statement, Political Statement and We Are Statement 1. The party shall be known as the “National Atheist Party” 2. The party’s motto shall be “From Diversity and Reason, Unity” 3. The party’s “Mission Statement” shall be: “We move for an objective government with the consideration of all opinions and beliefs, providing provisions necessary for an individual to pursue success and providing aid for those who do not possess the means to help themselves, at the expense of those who have abundant resources. The National Atheist Party will support and defend the rights of all citizens and legal residents.” 4. The party’s “Political Statement” shall be: “The National Atheist Party stands for the enforcement of the United States Constitution, the promotion of individual thought and rights and its secular values.” 5. The party’s “We Are Statement” shall be: “The National Atheist Party is a progressive, secular, political movement and response to the lack of representation for all free thinking people who are legal, law abiding citizens and residents of the United States. We demand emancipation from the corporate sponsored religious dogma that has infiltrated our government and has unjustly influenced political decisions and policy making. We are for the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and therefore incorporate the right to use the power of the PEOPLE to restore equality in our Democracy in reasonable, rational and non-violent means. The National Atheist Party is open to people of all races, sexes, sexual orientations, and cultures. We are committed to a government free of superstition, bias, guided by the principles of humanism, equal opportunity, recognition of merit, and economic responsibility. The National Atheist Party does not seek to inhibit the religious practices or beliefs of any group, but are committed to the division of church and state and that religious preference is a private matter, which has no place in the government or in government facilities. Article VII: Executive Board Section 1: A) Commission of Executive Board 1. The Executive Board is a body of officers conducting the official business of the National Atheist Party and shall be established by the president and the membership. 2. The Executive Board shall be the governing body of the party and shall have the authority to recommend all appropriate actions and measures to perform all duties to accomplish the mandate of the National Atheist Party. A quorum of the Executive Board must be present to conduct the National Atheist Party’s business. 3. The Executive Board shall convene at a time and place specified by the president, and at such times as the president or a majority of the Executive Board may determine. Four members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum. Article VIII: Code of Standards and Ethics Section 1: A) Secular Humanism 1. Secular Humanism is a democratic and ethical life stance, which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. It stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethic based on human and other natural values in the spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities and justice for all. 2. All members, officers and advisors will conduct themselves as defined by our Secular Humanist mandate. 3. Any member, officer or advisor who is found not upholding the Secular Humanist mandate or the laws upholding society with the highest regard shall come before council and tried for their transgression. Possibility of removal from the National Atheist Party will be decided by appointed council. Article IX: Bylaws Section 1: A) Officers Requirements, Duties and Responsibilities 1. The officers of the National Atheist Party shall be active members of the party and shall consist of a president, vice-president and a secretary/ treasurer. All active members of the party are eligible to hold an officer's position provided they meet the minimum qualifications and requirements for holding an officers position. All officers of the Executive Board shall conduct themselves and follow the guidelines set forth in the National Atheist Party’s Constitution. B) Section 2: Officers Duties and Responsibilities: 2. President: The president shall conduct and preside at all meetings. He/she shall appoint such standing and special committees as necessary to conduct the business of the party. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. He/she shall be responsible to the active membership of the party, as well as, manage the development of this party by putting forth a foundation from which all can build upon together, implement procedures for the benefit and protection of all party members, delegate responsibilities in practical terms to the Executive Board officers and Advisory Council members, seek qualified advice to assist the president and the Executive Board in guiding the National Atheist Party, maintain an objective perspective in officiating the party’s needs, organize the party’s leaders, advisors and committee chairs, lead by example with integrity and through the powers granted the president in the constitution of the National Atheist Party. 3. Vice-President: The vice-president shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the president. In the absence of the president, the vice-president shall perform the duties of the president. In the absence of the president and vice-president, the secretary or treasurer shall perform the duties of the president in descending order of their rank. 4. Secretary /Treasurer: The secretary/treasurer shall keep the official minutes of all meetings of the party and give notice of all meetings to the members of the party. The secretary shall maintain and have available at all meetings a membership roster. The secretary/treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance and custody of all funds of the party. He/she will determine the manner of depositing and safeguarding such funds. He/she shall receive funds from the party’s events, such a fund raisers, and other sources. The secretary/treasurer shall disperse the party’s funds only in accordance with the needs of the party and with approval of the party’s membership (by (2/3) majority vote) present at a regular meeting. Elections, Appointing and Removal of Officers Section 2: A) Elections 1. Officers of the National Atheist Party shall be elected by a 2/3 majority vote of the membership. He/she shall hold office for four years or one election cycle. Nominations for officers shall come from a slate proposed by the appointed nominations committee, which will be comprised of the membership. Other nominations for officer may come from the membership at the time of the election. Elections of officers shall be conducted at the November meeting. The elected officers officially take office at the next scheduled meeting for the National Atheist Party. B) Special Appointment of Officers 1. If an officer's position becomes vacant during the officer’s term, the National Atheist Party’s president shall make a special appointment of an active member to fill the vacancy. The special appointment to fill a vacancy shall require approval of the active membership by a 2/3 vote. The person appointed to fill an officer's vacancy shall serve until the organization holds its election of officers, every four years to coincide with National elections. C) Removing Officers 1. The National Atheist Party’s officers may be removed from office for just cause. Just cause is considered, but not limited to, excessive absence from meetings, misappropriation of funds and violation of the code of conduct. The removal of an officer requires a 2/3 majority vote of approval from the organization’s membership based on the recommendation of the president and the Executive Board. Meetings, Procedures and Agenda Section 3: A) Conduction of Meetings 1. Meetings of the National Atheist Party shall be conducted by the president and scheduled by the president or vice-president. The meeting location and meeting time shall be established by the president or vice-president, with advance notice provided to all club members. 2. The order of business to be followed at a regular meeting is as follows: 1. Call to Order 2. Roll call of Officers 3. Reading of minutes from previous meeting * 4. Treasurers report * 5. Reading of communications, bills, etc… 6. Report of new members 7. Report of committees 8. President's reports 9. New business 10. Adjournment B) Procedures 1. President will call meeting to order. 2. Roll call of officers. 3. President will address the first issue stated on the agenda. (No meeting will be conducted without an agenda. The agenda will be posted at least 24 hrs. prior to the scheduled meeting) 4. President will open floor for discussion. Please try to be respectful to your fellow members. Secretaries: this will be very important to keep all discussions within the meeting minutes. 5. Call for motion to close discussion. A member will reply MOVE 1. President will call for a 2nd. A member will reply MOVE 2. Discussion will be closed. No exceptions. If the motion to discuss has been officially closed and a member wishes to discuss the issue further, the member must make a motion to reopen discussion. There MUST be a 2nd to reopen discussion. If there is a 2nd, the discussion will continue. Once this discussion is closed, no member can move to open the discussion a 3rd time. (ALSO - Any member may motion to close discussion with a 2/3 majority vote.) If the consensus is a 2/3 majority, then the discussion will be officially closed for this meeting and the president will call the next item on the agenda. The issue may be raised again at the next meeting, under new business, with a new motion to discuss the issue with the approval of a 2/3 consensus of the members. 6. Follow procedures as stated in Article Five, Section One. C) Agenda 1. The agenda shall be a consensus of the officers. 2. Any member may petition the officers to add an item on the agenda with a minimum of 24 hours notice. The officers will then decide when and where that item will be placed on the agenda by a unanimous vote of the officers. 3. All officers must sign this memorandum before it is official. 4. Any officer may issue a memorandum with the approval of all other officers. Executive Board, Advisory Council and Special Committees Section 4: A) Official Board, Council and Committee 1. The National Atheist Party shall be run by a board of elected officials consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and marketing/IT personnel overseeing and directing the various functions of the NAP. 2. An advisory council to the board shall be created consisting of professionals and specialists to assist and advise the board in their strategy, by giving professional advice from within their particular areas of specialty. The advisory council will not have authority over the board or to vote. 3. A charter committee shall be created for the development of the NAP constitution led by an officer of the board. The officer shall Chair this committee and develop a method for the creation of the constitution and choose a varied selection of members from the NAP to develop a base consensus of the NAP platform regarding the individual political issues that the NAP will represent. 4. The president shall appoint such standing and special committees as necessary to conduct the business of the party and he/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. When the appointed committee has completed its requirements, the Chair of said committee will report the finished conclusions to the Executive Board of the NAP. If the conclusions are found satisfactory, the Executive Board will order the said committee dissolved and will be no longer responsible for further action. B) Charter 1. Build the party platform through the development of the charter as a solid base of direction, intent, principle and purpose. 2. The development of the charter shall include a preamble, articles and bylaws describing and guiding the National Atheist Party’s direction, intent, principle and purpose. 3. The charter shall have a series of directives on how the board will elect and remove its officials, appoint committee/advisory officials, conduct its meetings, and include a series of directives and bylaws for the overall operation of the NAP. 4. The charter committee shall develop the basis of the NAP platform and shall consist of the relevant political issues. The CC Chairman will gain a 2/3 majority consensus of the NAP members who choose to vote, as a basis for the party platform. The CC will assemble the charter with all of its various parts and in its correct functional order. (The chairman may want to appoint a committee member with this responsibility.) When assembled, the Chair of the CC shall send it to the NAP secretary for formatting and correction of grammar, fonting and syntax. 5. This copy of the charter shall then be reviewed by the NAP board, discussed and revised, if necessary. 6. The revised copy of the charter shall then go the advisory council for their professional recommendations. 7. The NAP board shall consider all recommendations proposed by the advisory council and make the necessary additions and/or revisions by voting and gaining a 2/3 majority approval of the NAP Board. 8. This final revised edition of the charter shall go back to the NAP secretary for formatting and correction of grammar and syntax. This will be the official charter of the National Atheist Party and will be presented to the members for ratification as the official document known as the National Atheist Party Charter. Article X Advisory Council Section 1: A) Advisory Council 1. The Advisory Council of the National Atheist Party is an informal, volunteer group of a minimum of seven professionals and intellectuals from all fields, who will advise the Executive Board on all issues, programs, staffing, budget and mission priorities. The Advisory Council will serve an advisory role only to the Executive Board of the National Atheist Party and does not have the authority to vote on executive matters pertaining to the National Atheist Party. The Advisory Council shall conduct itself in accordance with the National Atheist Party Charter. 2. Members are selected by the Executive board for a period of 4 years and may act as a pool of experienced leaders to serve as members of the Executive Board. Such members are not compensated and new reserve members will be added by a 2/3 majority vote of the Council. Council members will serve staggered four-year terms and may remove themselves from the Council at any time with thirty days notice, but are highly encouraged to finish their appointed term. Reserve members will fill open positions to maintain the minimum quorum of seven. 3. The Advisory Council will meet with the Executive Board and will advise, upon request, issues regarding policies, procedures, matters at hand, course of action or other issues as decided by the Executive Board. Meetings will be held as needed online or in a location defined in advance. 4. The Advisory Council shall consist of political, legal/strategic, financial, marketing, academic (scientific, historical) and analytical professionals in any of these related fields of expertise. Specialty fields shall qualify, but does not exclude any other field of expertise, as medical, environmental, law enforcement, tax/not for profit, IT, media, human resources, theology professionals and any other specialty professionals, as is deemed necessary. Article XI: National Atheist Party Platform A) Economy With a cognizance of our national security, an awareness of the scientific community's research into global climate change, and a desire to create new jobs, we must as a nation bring to a halt our national dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. To this end, we call for a "Manhattan Project" or "Apollo program" level of national commitment and research into green energy solutions. Another drain on our economy, that has so far yielded poor results with no abatement, is the "War on Drugs." This party recognizes that the criminalization of drug use stems from a position grounded in religion. Free adults should be able to enjoy recreational drugs, provided that they do not abuse them in a public or destructive manner. Therefore, the NAP advocates decriminalizing the use of drugs and instead find reasonable alternatives of, taxation and regulation, creating jobs in the drug sector and eliminating vast drug cartels. Balancing the budget is important, and finding programs among the Federal departments that can be downsized or eliminated is a difficult task. However, some programs, due to their nature as a lifeline for the disadvantaged, should never be cut. The NAP does not consider programs that contribute to the social welfare of our least wealthy citizens to be eligible programs for elimination. B) Jobs It is no secret that bureaucracy is expensive. We demand a comprehensive review of all government departments with an eye toward identifying wasteful practices and appropriate level of spending. The traditional policy of "spend-down" - in which each department tries to spend its entire budget each fiscal segment, in order to justify receiving more money in the next - shall be halted. Jobs are created when innovation occurs. There is no argument or question that this is true. All of our modern technological conveniences, from LCD and LED display technology to studless tires and athletic shoes, have been developed as spin-off technologies from NASA. The lesson is clear: investment in advanced technology reaps huge economic rewards. This party advocates an unprecedented level of funding be earmarked for NASA and the biotechnology sector. Photovoltaic energy conversion, or solar cells (another spin-off from NASA research), has enjoyed a renaissance over the last couple of decades. The energy output and sensitivity of the technology has increased dramatically. The NAP believes that the alternative energy industry, or "green energy", is an untapped source of jobs. If a national mandate for alternative energy research and installation in existing homes and businesses would create jobs and revitalize the economy. C) Social Security/Medi-Care Social security is a safety net that millions of our senior citizens have depended on for years. Established by President Roosevelt in 1935, social security programs have helped American weather the worst times with hope and dignity. The NAP feels that legislation should be passed to protect Social Security from the threat of privatization or surcease. As a corollary issue, the NAP strongly recommends that Medi-care, rather than continuing to exist as a separately funded and maintained benefit, should be absorbed into a new Universal Health Care system. D) Health Care Health care for the wealthy has long been considered a luxury. Plastic surgery and elective procedures help to paint this picture of health care as only being in reach of the few. The NAP believes that proper health care - care which extends the useful life and comfort of patients - is a right - not a privilege. We support an amendment to the Constitution or other legislation that recognizes health care as a basic right universal to all citizens. E) Abortion The NAP, in concert with Planned Parenthood, the Women's movement and other groups, recognizes that pregnancy is a profound physical change and that the ultimate decision to proceed with a pregnancy or to terminate it rests with the individual woman. Government should play no role in deciding such an individual choice. It is our position that legislation inhibiting a woman's right to choose is based on religious concerns of morality and conception, and does not reflect the scientific community's consensus of when a fetus can be said to be an independent organism. F) Gay Rights The rights that we extend to our citizens are not dependent upon the majority position of those citizens. In fact, "rights" are designed to protect minority positions from the unfair oppression of their members by the majority. As such, the NAP feels that the time is overdue for the recognition of the GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) community as citizens, with rights protecting them from being targeted by those who disagree with their sexual identity. We call for a Constitutional amendment recognizing the rights of gays alongside other distinguished characteristics like race, creed, and national origin. Further, we demand that marriage between consenting adults of any sexual persuasion be legalized and recognized by all fifty states. Civil union should be afforded the same rights and tax advantages as traditional marriage. GLBT citizens have had a very hard time in this country. Intolerance, ridicule, outright hatred, and violence prompt the NAP to call for a determination, by act of Federal Law, that violence directed toward gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered citizens shall be deemed a "hate crime" with attendant severe punishment. G) Education The NAP is deeply concerned that divisive religious indoctrination and religiocentric policies are being taught in this nation's public schools on a daily basis. Reports of teachers pressing their religious views onto their captive audience are common. Hidden faith-based organizations are going into our schools and advocating behavior from a religious perspective while actively hiding their religious affiliation, in order to get around laws prohibiting them from doing so. Our classrooms are a melting pot of traditions, national origin and creeds and it is wrong for any one religion to have a stranglehold over the minds of diverse children. We support the idea that any school that receives Federal funding should diligently screen the external organizations that present services to our children, and that teachers who proselytize their religious views should be removed from teaching entirely. H) Immigration The United States is a nation of immigrants. Multiple waves of European immigrants, documented and undocumented, have contributed to the "melting pot" of this nation. The U.S. is currently experiencing a large influx of documented and undocumented immigration from Mexico and other places. Many of these workers are paid "under the table," and many more pay into a system from which they will never see a benefit. The National Atheist Party believes that the current system of Immigration policies is deeply flawed. We move for a relaxation of Citizenship qualification standards, and a liberal border policy allowing workers to come and go as they please. Current laws stipulate that children born of undocumented citizens are de facto U.S. citizens, and we see no reason to change that policy. I) Guns We recognize that the right to bear arms is a traditional part of America, and we support Americans’ Second Amendment right to own and use firearms. But we also believe that reasonable regulation is important in a country where we have seen so much gun violence. The NAP wants to work toward closing the "gun show" loophole, reinforce our background check policies to include a longer waiting period, and a mandatory use and safety course for each first-time gun buyer. J) Environment The environment is a major concern of the National Atheist Party. We only have one world and are not going to be resurrected into a better one, so we are committed to the idea of doing whatever is necessary to ensure that this one is managed properly by human industry. The NAP supports subsidies granted to "green" industry, in the form of both government investment and tax incentives, while penalizing those industries that would ignore the detrimental effect that they have on our shared environment. As stated above, we also support the development of an alternative energy infrastructure, a robust endeavor that encompasses research and development, job creation and mandatory deployment of green alternatives. Concomitant with that strategy, restrictions should be placed on logging companies to treat the environment in a respectful, sustainable manner. "Clear-cutting" - the practice of completely denuding a section of our vital forest lands, without replanting or "fixing" the soil, will be considered a Federal crime. In addition, the NAP would devote a substantial budget increase for those research firms and scientists that are developing real-world strategies for the reduction or elimination of the release of greenhouse gasses, in order to combat the reality of global climate change. The human element contributing to climate change is well documented by the scientific community, and the NAP joins responsible organizations worldwide in calling for an immediate halt to those activities that exacerbate this dire and emergent problem. K) Energy Nothing can be more difficult than changing an entire way of life. From automobiles to heating our homes, the U.S. is completely dependent upon fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have driven the global economy for close to two hundred years, but no consumer of fossil fuels has ever been as hungry for them as the U.S. There is a steep price to pay for this reliance, however, the burning and refining of fossil fuels, by the U.S. and other oil-producing nations, is a major contributor to climate change and the continued release of greenhouse gases. Additionally, inflation and other economic indicators are directly tied to the price of oil. The NAP supports the idea that our dependence on fossil fuels MUST end. Alternative energy solutions, like nuclear, solar and wind and water energy must be researched and brought to the fore to combat that dependence. Hydrogen and other as-yet-undiscovered solutions must be sought and implemented. The NAP supports tax incentives and federal grants as a measure to incentivize this research and development. L) Tax Reform Some solution must be found to level the playing field and halt the widening gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. Further, it has become increasingly obvious that savvy accounting and creative legal acrobatics have made it easy for massive corporations and the U.S.'s wealthiest citizens to avoid paying taxes entirely. The NAP calls for a sweeping review of tax laws and a simplification of implementation such that a fair tax shall be levied against all citizens and corporate persons without "loopholes." In addition, as a bold statement of fair play, the NAP moves to rescind the tax-exempt status of all church activities that are unrelated to charitable activity. Church organizations should be as transparent to review and audit as any other business, and should pay income taxes, property taxes and use or excise taxes on its traditionally taxable activities. Churches shall be treated as any other for-profit business, when a profit is being made. M) Legal/Tort Reform The rewards of successful litigation are alluring. Many individuals and corporations are unable to ignore the potential windfall from using the courts as a lottery. Under the theory that "those who can pay, should" and that punitive awards should be stiff enough to "hurt" - the trend on tort damages has been to creep higher and higher until a receive an exorbitant amount in recompensatory damages. The NAP believes some awards to be excessive. We move for a reform of lawsuit damages such that, while payment for injury is not ignored, it is also not akin to finding buried treasure. An advisory committee must be convened to examine this question, and set a ceiling on punitive awards. N) Campaign Finance Reform The political process is supposed to be one in which every citizen of worth and backing can have an equal chance to promote their candidacy. The reality is that only millionaires, with millions of dollars of campaign funds can reasonably win. The NAP supports a cap on campaign contributions such that ALL candidates have access to advertising and transportation costs, but that no one candidate enjoys limitless resources when others are spent bankrupt trying to compete. O) Security/ Defense The NAP along with many Americans, are tired of the U.S. providing troops for seemingly every military action, worldwide. It is time that the U.S. stopped being the worlds' policeman. We support the notion that the U.S. military should remain in a state of readiness, to respond to domestic threats or when one of our allies is attacked. Along with that thinking, we feel that a review of open bases worldwide should be conducted and those bases without a clear strategic need should be closed. Likewise an audit of domestic bases and assets should be conducted, with concomitant de-commissioning of non-performing assets. P) Foreign Policy During the Bush administration, the U.S. saw its popularity decrease worldwide while overseas engagements with our military forces increased. In order to move forward in a peaceful and responsible manner, the NAP believes that the U.S.'s role in U.N. Peacekeeping missions should be reduced and eliminated entirely when possible. The U.S. should modify its role to an advisory position and only field troops in a dire emergency of last resort. For too long, we have spent taxpayers' money and the lives of our young men and women in support of conflicts that may have been diplomatically solved. The U.S. is in a deficit position with foreign economies like China and Japan. To combat this, we support a leveling of the playing field by de-incentivizing the movement of manufacturing overseas and imposing a fair tariff on imported goods. Our focus now should be on debt reduction. Q) Faith/Religion The National Atheist Party believes in the U.S. Constitution, and in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers who wrote it. These great men had the foresight to erect a wall of separation between church and state; a wall that has been eroding for many years. In the 1950s, the phrases "In God We Trust" and "Under God" were added to our paper currency and our Pledge of Allegiance. It is our position that such language forces Americans to recognize the existence of God. When the pledge is recited, especially by children, it gives the impression that the U.S. itself ratifies the existence of God - an act and a stance that is unequivocally prejudiced and athwart the cherished traditions of the U.S. We move for the restoration of both the pledge and our currency to their pre-1950s incarnations. In all cases and in all ways, the NAP moves for a strict interpretation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. While we do not wish to inhibit anyone's practice of the religion of their choice, we do not want government to engage in the practice or the perception of engaging in the practice of promoting any one religion. To that end, we seek to strip churches, synagogues and mosques of the tax exemption status they now enjoy, and to increase the transparency of Church-filed annual reports. Churches receive numerous donations, and these donations must be declared in their entirety so that proper income taxes can be applied. R) Organ Donation Organ donation can save a life that would otherwise end in tragedy. Recognizing this, we believe that the parents of a recently deceased child should be given full authority to donate the remains and help others who are less fortunate.


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