Many aggressively seek treatment for restoration to health when what is needed is palliative care. I am so grateful groups like Hospice are there to help people face dying without fear and dread.
I instructed my children to throw a quilt over me if I have a heart attach or stoke, call an ambulance if they feel better but no sirens or whistles. I prefer they hold my hand until life ends. My doctors all know and I have a “Do not resuscitate order” on my refrigerator. I don’t want that long, slow, disabled condition to continue if we can prevent it. 

In the meantime, embrace life.

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Oh Yes! A dark merlot. I would send you a photo, but my quota on downloads has been reached. 

I don't know, I just discovered that today. I got a message that I had gone over my 25 photos a day. However, upon looking at my photo album a minute ago, the photo I wanted for you came through, so here it is. 

I don't care for ice in my wine, but the smile got me. 

I want to choose my death when my health reaches the point of extreme pain. I do not look at it as the end of life, for that will have past long before the moment I choose to be euphinalized (euphorically finalized by euthanasia).

That makes sense to me. So, the imperative is to live life fully, each day, with joy and compassion and love. Can't get much better than that!

You nailed it, Joan. Carpe diem.

I agree, furthermore, having an end of life choice may also remove some of that fear that keeps the old people in churches funding the war on women.

  I will miss the life spring of your wisdom that proceeds from your wealth of experience and your love for others.

I am not going anywhere Jon T. Are you? We should be able to have a great experience together as we explore the changing world and ways to be content, calm, serene, even as the world scrambles trying to figure out what the hell is going on. 

That is good to hear, and no, I too, am neither ready nor willing. Nevertheless, in that future time...

The only worry about death I realize are my Cactus plants. They are as isolated here as I am(I being considered an infidel and cactus as plants of hell). They are in habit of being heavily cared. Being exposed to harsh rains, summer heat and remaing unwatered for months would be difficult.

As far as I am concerned, its ok. Death is a part of life. And we often forget while talking about death that it is concern of living not the dead.

There is so much concern about death, not recognizing it is a necessary part of life. When we push needles into people to pump in chemicals we violate the dignity of a quiet, calm, serene dying. Just hold my hand. As to the regalia of death, fine satins, gleaming coffins make a mockery of death. What does fine cloth and strong metal and a fancy stone do to memorialize a person? Rather, I want my gardening clothes on by body and a cotton sheet covering me. Let the bugs and worms and bacteria and fungus do with me as they will. As for a wake, gather the people together and tell outrageous stories of my life's journey ... there are lots of them. Talk of me as I was, warts and all. And if anyone offers up a prayer, shove a bar of soap between their teeth and shove them out the door. I will have none of that nonsense. 

Well said Joan, death is just one of many realities we face in our lives and the death day is just like  other days of life. My mother was lucky enough to die like that. She had breast cancer. On her last day of life, on her way back from early morning check up from hospital she went to her office in school, worked for 6 hours. In the evening was hospitalized and at 10pm I was informed about her death.

Unfortunatly my father is a complete contrast to that. At 73 without any major disesae, almost in perfect health for a man of his age he almost don't do anything apart from reciting Quran, praying and other other preprations for life after death. Whole family realizing his fear of death had tried every thing to divert his focus from death but nothing seems to work. He is a very nice straight forward fellow, sort of guay who even don't have ability to sin but religion's concept of punishment after death is so cruely powerful that if a person falls in its spell, he is hopless. He actually dies much before the actual death.




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