This vid was labeled God of the Gaps but it was part of a whole discussion on Intellectual history and Stupid Design...I'm sure some of you have seen this vid already.

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This is a GREAT video. He is such a great speaker and I have been a fan for quite some time!
Yeah, basically Neil spells out what goes wrong when religion and science mix. All kinds of wrong!!! I feel like he spells out why there is really no place in Science for religion, unless you want good Science to it did in the Middle East, at the end of the Golden Age when Baghdad was the nexus of the intellectual world. Kills me how plain it is to see in history, but people are so deluded they can't see the forest for the trees!!! And history repeats itself......AGAIN.......

This was one of the first videos I saw of Neil deGrasse Tyson, and it explained to perfection exactly what I'd been doing prior to my atheistic shift. I watched it after I was already an atheist, but it filled me with a lot of self-recognition.


I now can't get enough of listening to this man speak.




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