Official Trailer: COSMOS (with Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Sagan opened up imagination in me in ways no other narrater has since. If anyone can pull this off, it is Tyson. I hope the music is better in the series than in the trailer. Perhaps it is appropriate for the youngsters of this day, but a little unpleasant to this old Victorian lady of 77 years. Sagan had such a way with words that I doubt Tyson can match, but it is difficult to match perfection. I do hope the series awakens science in the minds of the young. 

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Thank you, Joan. As to the music, well... if it can get younger people interested in science, I can put up with it. My minor gripe is that it's on FOX. The same corporate sponsors who bring you Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly - science deniers one and all. It's strange that on one hand, that network denies reality to drum up support among the unwashed masses for the Xtian right, and on the other, will provide something truly worth while. I guess it's picking everyone's pocket,for the $$$$,  irrespective of viewpoint.

Nevertheless, thanks for the info. I, for one, do appreciate it.

EX - CELL - ENT!  I've been hearing about this effort for a while, and I'm glad to hear that it's finally come to fruition.  As for the Fox vs. NatGeo business, given a choice, NatGeo will get my time and Fox will get what the littlest piggy got.

Okay, Neil ... AMAZE ME!

Loren, I look forward to what they do with the topic. Tyson is fun to watch, he is such a showman, not a philosopher. I hope I am not disappointed, but even more so, I hope kids catch the science bug. 

He's also a scientist - an astrophysicist, specifically - which means he understands the discipline of science.  And being the director of the Adler Planetarium, he understands the value of communication and engaging his audience.

I wouldn't worry.

Pat, I was disappointed when Tyson announced it would be on Fox, of all stations. I don't own a TV and will be able to watch it when/if it comes out on ITunes.
As for the music, this current one is a bit frantic for my taste. Vangelis' Cosmos is so evocative. It has the quality of building to inspirational

Music By Vangelis-Cosmos Theme-HD 720 (vid R.B.)

I don't like the music either Joan.  Hopefully, it will not permeate the entire series.

I also don't know how well Tyson will do compared to Sagan, as the trailer doesn't have him speaking except for one sentence.  However, I do think he will make it interesting.


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