Theists tell us that we should leave them alone to believe what ever they want.

 As a new atheist religion must not be tolerated and should be abolished with the idea of a god. We care about the truth and since reality is awesome.The religionists claim that religion gives comfort to people.We atheists look for solutions to comfort ourselves or talk to a friend or relative. Sure we are not like Stalin or Kim Jong il since violence is not the answer sure they abolished religion just for making themselves gods and also because of their political ideology.Plus violence is not the answer to us our only weapons are our brains and intelligence.  

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I have repeatedly told believers that I really don't care what they believe, but on two utterly non-negotiable conditions:

  1. That they do NOT in any way, shape, or form, attempt to convert or intimidate me with their belief.  The first won't work and the second will piss me off.
  2. That they do NOT in any way, shape or form attempt to take similar action on any local, county, state or federal government.  The US Constitution specifies a separation between church and state in Article Six and the First Amendment, further reinforced by Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli.

I further note that freedom OF religion must contain within its structure the concept of freedom FROM religion.  A christian should be free from judaism; a hindu should be free of catholicism, and an atheist should be able to be free from all of the above, plus any others.

Anyone wishing to wave their belief about should be notified: my nose (and the rest of me) is OFF LIMITS!

That seems reasonable.

If atheists just kept quiet and never challenged religious beliefs it could conceivably lead to dire consequences, because  many religious people believe they have the God-given right to do harm to others who don't subscribe to their particular view of God. No, we must be vocal. We must write blogs, we must write books. It will undoubtedly be a long, hard, uphill battle, but me must continue trying to inject some reason and sanity into an insane world.

I agree, absolutely!




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