As much as I'd like to see the crack house cleaned up, I do think the church, if it wants the house, should pay the same as anyone else who wants to. At the same time, I can't imagine anyone with half a brain actually wanting to purchase a crack-house in Camden. Still, there's no reason the church should be able to acquire yet more property for a song, while the Pope is in Paris preaching against "pagan" materialism.

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Sorry - not the Courier, the Philly Daily News.
I don't understand why they feel they should be able to buy it for a dollar?I am sure there are plenty of people in Camden willing to buy the property for more than that.I understand wanting something to be done with it but it shouldn't mean you get it for free maybe they should offer to pay the actual value of the property but in exchange ask the city to cover the cost of demolition so they only have to pay the cost of the land and not the dwelling.



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