Hey guys, I would like to try and start a meet up in the Princeton/Trenton area. I know your out there, just send me a message.

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I'm closer to the Princeton area. It would be great to start a meetup in the area.
I can take a bus into Princeton easily. I would like to get as many people as possible too.
I'm new to the boards and this whole group and everything, but I live close enough to the princeton area that I can show up. What will go on during the meet up?
Hey guys, nice to see I'm not alone. I want to get a few more people if possible before we start planning a time frame. just a little bit longer.
Great, keep us posted.

I'm also interested in a meetup. I could make it to Princeton. It would be great if the location could be easily accessed via public transportation, but I understand if that isn't convenient for everyone so I'm open.
Sorry for the delay guys, my cousin is having a baby sometime today and I'm staying in a hotel right now.
Hey, I started a new Meet Up group for New Jersey Atheists.

Princeton's a good place for me: a short dinky ride away and plenty of pubs.
The first Meeting for the Mercer County Atheist group(in NJ) will be on Sept. 5 @ 12 pm @ the Princeton Market Fair.
Please click here for more info.


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