Does anyone know of a group in Burlington  County

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Hi Paul, I'm Janice Rael from Gloucester County Humanists and Camden County Humanists. Both groups are on Facebook and under these names. Shannon Morgan is the leader of GloCo and Bill Flynn is the leader of CamCo. As far as I know, there is no group in Burlington County. You aren't far from Philadelphia, so you may want to join the Philadelphia Atheists Meetup group, also on I am a Co-Organizer of that group and Black Atheists of Philadelphia.

Our Gloucester County group is sort of on hiatus as the transfer of power goes from me to Shannon. The Camden County group is very busy with volunteer projects, and has had some really big meetings recently. CamCo is starting a new meetup every second Saturday at Coffee Works Too in Voorhees NJ.

It's free to make an account on, but Meetup is not a social network like Facebook is.

The New Jersey Humanist Network, NJHN, has meetings in Central NJ. NJHN has a closed Facebook group for socializing with other nonbelievers in New Jersey. GloCo Humanists is a chapter of NJHN. CamCo Humanists is a chapter of the American Humanist Association, as is NJHN. I urge you to get involved in NJHN, join their mailing list, join the Facebook group, and join the actual group with a donation of $20 or more.

If you wanted to start up a Burlington County Meetup, I can guide you in every way, as I have been doing this since 2002. Owning a Meetup group is not free; it's $90 every 6 months, but you can have 3 groups. Facebook is free, but is less than ideal for spreading the word.

Bill and I have talked about trying to broaden the CamCo Humanists group to include Burlington County, but we're both overextended and unable to commit. What we need is a reliable volunteer to choose a location, time and date for meetings. CamCo has no problem reposting meetings from other groups.

It would be great if you could volunteer. I can definitely help you get started. But you'd need to be on Meetup to get any kind of following or members.

When Shannon takes over GloCo Humanists next month, she will be paying for it with a grant from the NJHN. Shannon's Meetup account will then let her "own" 2 other groups on Those groups would HAVE to be NJHN chapters, like GloCo is. But I can totally envision the NJHN Board approving the use of those funds so that Shannon (and I) could register a BurlCo group as an NJHN chapter. We would have to talk to Lisa Ridge from NJHN, but I bet she'd go for it.

If you want to chat offline, my home # is 856-881-1816 and if I don't pick up, please leave a nice long voicemail. Thanks!

Janice, thank you for the detailed information.  I'm not in a position right now to lead a group but I am interested in other volunteer activities.

You said:

"The Camden County group is very busy with volunteer projects, and has had some really big meetings recently. CamCo is starting a new meetup every second Saturday at Coffee Works Too in Voorhees NJ."    I'd like more information about this and might be interested in going to one of the meetings.

Hi Paul, all of Camden County Humanists' events are on the Meetup group:

October is dedicated to raising funds for the Light the Night Walk for leukemia and lymphoma. Last year, CCH raised a lot, I forget how much.

In May, we did the AIDS Walk NJ, we walked in Atlantic City, and raised about $250.

Incidentally, CCH has no bank account or budget or funds of its own, all funds raised are donated to charities, and Bill Flynn pretty much pays for everything himself.

The meetings in Voorhees at the Coffee Works Too will be on the second Saturdays, starting in November, on the 14th, from 1pm to 3pm. That's also on the Meetup.

Bill told me today that he actually started up a Facebook Page for a potential Burlington County Humanists group, and is seeking admins.




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