My Email to Governor Christie re: His Attack on the best Public School System of Earth

Governor Christie,

I am an independent voter who lives in the most innovative state in the union - home of Tom Edison, the Roeblings, the Johnsons, Tom Paine, William Carlos Williams, Philip Roth, Walt Whitman, Alan Ginsberg, Albert Einstein, Woodrow Wilson, Paul Robeson,and Harriet Tubman.

Clara Barton started the first free public school in my hometown. Princeton is the finest institution of higher learning this country has to offer; and it acknowledges that brilliance resides in the minds of rich and poor alike in its admissions policies. Our greatest heritage is not of wealth but of magnificent, well educated minds applied to humanity's toughest challenges and highest hopes.

Your intransigent position to give the very wealthiest in New Jersey a tax break (by not extending an existing fee) while raising the property taxes of the least wealthy struggling home owners when they need it most (since you will offer no  rebate this year) is cynical in the worst connotation of the term - with all due apologies to Diogenes who would certainly rather a dog sat in your chair than you.

To deprive the best and brightest the chance to have the finest public education in the world under the disingenuous banner of 'fiscal sacrifice' is a heinous insult to the intelligence even of the wealthiest of citizens of this state.

We live in hard times. But to ask our children to sacrifice for the rest of their lives, for all of us to lose because of it, and for those struggling to keep their homes to bear a larger brunt all so you can protect the very wealthiest from paying a fee they are accustomed to paying belies you as man of small mind indeed - one who clearly lacks a conscience, any competence of leadership, and the most basic of tools of reason.

The quality of New Jersey's schools will be your political doom. We are too smart for this. You insult our intelligence, critical reasoning skills, integrity, imaginations and sense of pride and decency as citizens of the greatest State in the history of the greatest Nation on Earth.

Unless you rethink your stand, I will use all my energies to oppose your continuing political ambitions. My friends and associates are not Democrats. We are free thinkers who vote with our minds and, in the words and spirit of our hero Thomas Paine, our Common Sense. You will lose many more than my vote with this idiotic position you have taken.

With no remaining respect whatsoever,

Georges D. Lafontant
Bordentown, New Jersey

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead. ~
Thomas Paine

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I dont mean to be a dick and i certainly no longer like Christie, but how is it he raised any property tax in NJ or significantly cut school funding?
My i just realized this post is 5 years old.


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